Staff Shoutout

Today, we want to recognize Mrs. Megan Benson, the Biology and AP Environmental Science teacher at Downtown Junior High! A colleague recognized Mrs. Benson for going above and beyond to create engaging, interactive science lessons for her students, and she does just that! Mrs. Benson’s students are always learning new ways to understand difficult science concepts and having fun while doing so! She says her favorite part of teaching is helping students develop a love for science. She says, “I try to bring a lot of enthusiasm into my classroom every day and hope that a little rubs off. The best moments are those light bulb moments when you can see a student really get it!” She loves working at eStem because she is supported by her leaders and anytime she has a new idea, they make sure the tools are in place to try it! She says she wouldn’t want to teach anywhere else – and we don’t want her to! Mrs. Benson, thank you for going above and beyond to make science FUN! We appreciate your hard work and commitment to your students’ success!