Our mission is to develop students who are critical thinkers, problem solvers and collaborative members of a learning community and society. We will encourage students to be risk takers and enthusiastic life-long learners who are versed in engineering, science, technology, economics, math and literacy. 


We recognize that all learners require high-quality, individualized, differentiated instruction. We will provide all our students with a rigorous, data-driven experience that holds all learners to high expectations. We will also create a learning environment where all students feel safe to take risks, collaborate, and problem solve. 



eStem's values are vital to our school culture. These values - Humility, Enthusiasm, Authenticity, Reflection, & Trust - guide our decision-making and our HEART. We teach these values to our employees and our students as a way to build culture and community in our schools and across our organization. Values are an important part of how we live and work, and they determine our priorities. Our HEART is a big part of what makes eStem different.



For more information on our Student Success Goals, please visit or contact the School Director at your child's campus.