The first step to the admissions process is the online application. Parents or guardians interested in their child/children attending an eStem school must first go to the eStem Public Charter School website and complete the online student application. Potential applicants without internet access may come to the school for computer use.

In the case that no seats are available at the time of application, all applicants to eStem Downtown Elementary, eStem East Village Elementary, eStem Downtown Junior High, eStem East Village Junior High, and eStem High Charter schools will be placed on the waiting list. A random anonymous lottery is done once a year after the Open Enrollment period ends. Each child on the list is given a computer-generated random number which determines if they are offered a seat for the upcoming school year. If the child is not offered a seat throughout the school year, they will continue to go into the lottery and receive a new number each year until they are offered a seat. Once a child is offered a seat, they are eligible to attend eStem until graduation.


The lottery process involves multiple steps with separate individuals working independently on each step so as to ensure the anonymity of all applicants. Each application is received by the Director of Admissions who enters the applications into a spreadsheet. At the conclusion of the open enrollment period the first initial, last initial and date of birth of each applicant is electronically sent to the Charter Management Office where the Chief Financial Officer issues a random number to each applicant via Microsoft Excel. Numbers are then sorted and returned to the Director of Admissions.

Kindergarten Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment for the 2024-25 School Year

Open Enrollment for the upcoming school year is January 17 - February 17. We would LOVE to have your child join our eStem family for the upcoming school year, so apply today! To apply, please visit our website – and submit an application! If you are interested in your child starting at eStem immediately, submit your application at any time.


eStem Public Charter Schools allow preferences for the following categories:

  • Children of the founding members of the eStem Charter Schools

  • Siblings of students currently enrolled in eStem Charter Schools

eStem Public Charter schools may provide for the exclusion of a student who has been expelled from another public school district in accordance with this title.

If a child attends an eStem school for any period of time, withdraws and wishes to return he or she must go through the admissions process again.

eStem Public Charter Schools prohibits discrimination in admissions on the basis of gender, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, disability, or academic or athletic eligibility.