The acquisition of content knowledge and skills is paramount in a robust social studies program rooted in inquiry. The K-12 Curriculum is written around the practices of The College, Career, and Civic Life(3 C’s) framework for social studies state standards.

  • Construct compelling questions that promote inquiry around key ideas and issues

  • Develop supporting questions that contribute to inquiry: identifying facts, concepts, and interpretations

  • Answer compelling and supporting questions using appropriate and available sources that consider multiple points of view

  • Gather relevant information from multiple perspectives and a variety of sources; evaluate the credibility of the source by determining its relevance and intended use

  • Use evidence from multiple sources to answer compelling and supporting questions by developing arguments with claims and counterclaims and providing explanations

  • Construct arguments and explanations that convey ideas and perspectives to appropriate audiences using print, oral, and digital technologies

  • Critique the credibility, relevance, and use of evidence in arguments and explanations proposed by self and others

  • Use disciplinary lenses within the social sciences to understand local, regional, and global problems, proposing solutions or assessing strategies and options for action while applying deliberative processes