Staff Spotlight

We are excited to kick off our Staff Spotlights with Mrs. Megan Benson, a science teacher from Downtown Junior High, who is passionate about her students and their success.

A colleague had this to say about Mrs. Benson, "Mrs. Benson's dedication to her craft, her passion for environmental science, and her tireless efforts to create a nurturing and intellectually stimulating classroom environment are truly commendable. She is not only imparting knowledge but also instilling a love for learning and fostering the growth of our students into well-rounded individuals."

This dedication and commitment resulted in 58% of her AP Environmental Science students scored a 3 or better on their AP Exam in 22-23, surpassing both the Arkansas state averages and the global averages. Her dedication to providing a high-quality education and cultivating a deep understanding of the subject matter is evident in these exceptional results.

We are proud of Mrs. Benson and her students' accomplishments, and we are looking forward to see what success she has this year as well. Thank you, Mrs. Benson, for your commitment, dedication, and passion. You truly go above & beyond for your students and our schools, and we are grateful for teachers like you!