Staff Shoutout

We are excited to recognize members of our staff going above & beyond for our students and schools! A parent nominated Mr. Hayes for this week’s Staff Shoutout and had so many good things to say about him! She had this to say about him, “Mr. Hayes’s approach to teaching is above board. I really appreciate that he introduces his students to diversity of thought.” She appreciates the time he takes to care about his students and their learning. Mr. Hayes teaches 5th grade at East Village Elementary.

When we asked Mr. Hayes what he loves about teaching, he said that she loves inspiring kids, and he hopes to inspire them to love learning and to help them believe they can learn and do new things! He thinks the best part about working at eStem is using the best teaching strategies to reach each and every student and working together to do what’s best for our students and school!

We couldn’t agree more, Mr. Hayes, and we appreciate all you do to help your students grow and experience success!