Staff Shoutout

We are excited to recognize members of our staff going above & beyond for our students and schools! A colleague nominated Victor White for this week’s Staff Shoutout! Mr. White teaches music at eStem High School and has created a safe space for students to learn new things and create!

When we asked Mr. White what he loves about his job, he said, “I live for my students! I love them all! They make me feel like I’m not teaching. My classroom is a loving environment. I tell my students every day that I love them. Not only do I tell them, I show them through tough love in the classroom.” He says the best part of working at eStem is the staff. He really loves his colleagues and is excited and thankful for how eStem supports of his ideas and visions for the music program.

We appreciate all you do for our students and staff, Mr. White! It’s evident that you love and care for them and want them to excel!