Junior High Boys and Girls Basketball Official Rosters

The official rosters for eStem Junior High Boys and Girls basketball teams are now online. 

"There's alot of talent out there," said Athletics Director, Rashard Sullivan. "The judges had their work cut out for them." 

Try-outs were held from August 28-31st. Our coaches waited until after interim grades were reported before making their final picks to make sure that all student athletes demonstrate hard work both in the classroom and on the court. 

"We take grades very seriously." said girls coach, Johnny Laine. "All players need to be able to balance their classwork with practice, games, etc." 

We are so excited about this year's team. Be sure to check out our athletics tab to keep up with games and schedules. 

Rosters can be viewed here, or under the "Basketball" folder of the athletics tab of the website and app. 

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