eStem Public Charter Schools is currently conducting interviews for individuals with content knowledge in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) areas who have an interest in becoming classroom teachers. NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE REQUIRED. The ten (10) chosen applicants will spend three years teaching and credentialing through the STEM Residency Program, while serving students in grades 7 – 12. Salary will be commensurate with that of a first-year teacher. Residents will be expected to complete training milestones in preparation to assume a teaching position upon completion of year one in program. Residents will follow a prescribed training model that combines content knowledge with best teaching practices, mentors, grade-level partners, and private instruction by the Residents Coordinator.


  • Residents are recruited from STEM programs or careers throughout the State. These individuals will possess, at a minimum, a Bachelor level degree in one of the STEM fields, or closely related filed, and an expressed interest in teaching.

  • Candidates should have minimal or no teacher training or experience.

  • Capitalizing on the ability to employ non-traditional teachers, eStem Residents will be immersed in the classroom experience, school culture, and academic work in the art and science of teaching, immediately upon hiring.

  • The Residency Program Coordinator will oversee the residents throughout their three-year tenure and will guide them through completing teacher licensure.

  • Residents will be fully immersed in teacher training during year one. During that time, they will learn best practices and will gradually take on additional classroom responsibilities.

  • At the close of the year, Residents will be capable of teaching at various levels and abilities and will be prepared to move into permanent employment with eStem, if available, or other charter schools.

  • Residents will be able to become alternatively certified teachers through the programs partnership with the Arkansas Department of Education.

  • Residents will make a three-year commitment to eStem. One year as a STEM Resident and two additional years as classrooms teachers. If a Resident chooses to leave early or is dismissed they will repay a third of their initial salary for each year of early departure.

STEM Residents will be integrated into the DNA of the eStem model. At the end of one year, eStem will have trained professionals who will be able to effectively teach STEM subjects.


Interested individuals should submit a resume to Program Coordinator, Dr. Teri Cox ( For more information, contact Dr. Cox via email or by phone at 501-438-9028.