Innovative Grant Recipients

We are excited to share another one of our Innovative Grant winners with you! This week, we are featuring a project from East Village Elementary by Ms. McCoy! To help kindergarten students understand the life cycles of plants & animals, each kindergarten classroom will have a kit to use through this unit. They have life cycle kits for frogs, butterflies, ants, and Venus Flytraps - what a fun, hands on way to give the students an up close and personal look at these life cycles!

Through our Innovative Grant program, made possible by your sponsorships and donations to our annual Stem Soiree, teachers have the opportunity to submit an idea or project through an application, and if their project is chosen, they receive money for materials and supplies along with a reward for trying something new. We believe it is important to encourage teachers to seek out and implement teaching strategies that reach all types of learners and to reward them for thinking outside of the box!