Jr. High Close Up Program

In just a few weeks, four of our students will be flying to Washington, D.C. to spend 3 days participating in a program called Close Up. This program has been around since the 1970s and offers an opportunity for students from all over the country to learn about our Nation’s Capitol with experts from the economic, social, and educational sectors. It’s an amazing experience from which the participants learn so much about government processes, historical monuments, and unique perspectives of their peers from other states. The students have a wonderful time and learn valuable information!!

I’d like to thank Mrs. Enderson for sponsoring this year’s trip. The students attending this year are Quentin Young, John Morales, Madison Roberts, and Helen Hardy. This year’s group will make over 20 students that have visited Washington, D.C. with eStem in the past three years. If you are interested in next year’s trip, we will begin planning that this spring.