As an interested candidate/new employee at eStem Public Charter Schools, you are required to have a recent (within one year of start date) FBI and State Criminal Background, be fingerprinted, as well as a pass the Child Maltreatment Registry check.

See the information needed to proceed below:

Online Background Consent Form - Read the instructions

Reason for Background Check: EDUC Employment (Classified) OR EDUC Licensed (Teacher) Transfer of Employment (only if hold a current Arkansas Teaching License)

After consent is submitted, you should be directed to the background application.

If not, click here:

The following info will be required:


Verification Code: 6047700

Reason Fingerprinted: check same as above on consent form

Email Address: enter your personal email

The cost of the background is $38.25, credit/debit only.

Print the transaction receipt and consent form to take along with your government-issued photo ID to the ADE/Employee Licensure Division from 8:00-4:15 for Live Scan (electronic) fingerprinting. See this link for other approved Live Scan locations:

There is a separate cost of $10 for the Child Maltreatment Registry check. The criminal background payment is made online while the child maltreatment background requires a check or money order sent to Arkansas Department of Human Services along with the completed, legible form.

Only Use this Child Maltreatment Registry check form:

It is extremely important that you begin the process immediately.

To keep up with your status go to:

Once you have initiated this process, your information will show with status as PENDING under the Employability Check portion of the page. When background checks and fingerprints have cleared, your status should be changed to APPROVED. If you are in a pending status for more than two weeks, you should contact ADE licensure and try to resolve. This may include contacting Arkansas Department of Human Services to request expedited info be given to the ADE.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me or your hiring director.

Again, I look forward to working with you and welcome aboard!

Cheli Stafford

Director of Human Resources