In 2016, we were granted approval to pursue the expansion of our system to include two additional campuses. In August of that year, our high school, serving grades 10-12, relocated to the UA-Little Rock campus and entered a groundbreaking partnership between an Arkansas K-12 public education system and a public university. We are excited to offer our students the opportunity to truly become “college ready” through the experience of enrolling in both traditional high school and concurrent/dual enrollment college courses simultaneously. In the summer of 2018, we continued to expand by adding East Village Elementary and East Village Junior High on Shall Street in the East Village neighborhood of Little Rock.

At this time, we have five campuses - Downtown Elementary, Downtown Junior High, East Village Elementary, East Village Junior High, and eStem High School. We continue to grow and progress each year, and we are constantly adapting to ensure our students are receiving the best education. We are confident the eStem Public Charter Schools will continue to change the face of public education in our city, state, and region!