Meet the Director

My name is Maurice Guest, Jr. I am the Director of the East Village Junior High. eStem is built on a legacy of excellence and acceptance, and I look forward to driving East Village Junior High to continue to build upon that legacy.

As a native of Little Rock, I graduated from Hall High School and went on to obtain my Bachelors Degree from Philander Smith College and my Master’s Degree from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. I spent eight years as an accomplished science teacher at Horace Mann before transitioning to eStem to serve as the Dean of Students. After three years, I was promoted to Assistant Director at eStem Junior High Downtown.

My approach to education is not complicated. As an educational leader, I believe in structure and discipline, rugged hard work, and setting extremely high expectations for all students. Simply put, our students will be the most respectful, hardest working, and thus the highest performing students in this city!

Where are the East Village Campuses located?

The East Village Elementary and Junior High campuses are located on Shall Street right across the street from Heifer International. 

Are the East Village buildings taking the place of the current downtown buildings?

No, we will now have two (2) elementary schools and two (2) junior high schools. We will still have one (1) high school that will remain on the UALR campus.

If one of my children is accepted to attend the East Village campus will all siblings attend the same campus?

If you accept the seat for one of your children to attend the East Village Campus, all siblings must also attend the East Village Campus. We cannot separate elementary and junior high siblings between campuses.

How many students will be housed in the new buildings?

For the first year the new elementary school will house approximately 750 students and the junior high will house approximately 350. These campuses will continue to grow to max capacity of 864 and 450 students respectfully by the year 2025.

Will the class sizes be similar to the Downtown building?

Yes, class sizes will be the same in the Downtown and East Village Schools.

Will there be a difference in curriculum, class offerings, programs, activities etc.?

No, we anticipate creating environments that are extremely similar to the current schools. Curriculum, programs, activities etc., will all be the same.

Other Questions? please email Rebecca.cleveland@estemschools.org. 

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